Q: Do you install parts that I buy somewhere else?

A: Short answer, No we don’t. There are a lot of reasons behind this, and it really isn’t just that we want to sell you parts. When we sell you a part and it comes in damaged or missing parts, we handle it for you. If the wrong part gets sent somehow, we can get you the right part immediately. If a part we sell you fails, we can do whatever is necessary to warranty your part. When someone has us install a part that they have supplied from elsewhere, we can’t do that. So we end up in a situation where we’re waiting for some third party to try and remedy the situation, and it never goes well. It wastes everyone’s time, and we stopped doing it years ago. The good news? We have hundreds of proven manufacturers available next day, and our prices are extremely competitive.

Q: Do you warranty your work?

A: Yes. We support all of our part manufacturers’ warranties, and we warranty labor for one year from installation. The only exceptions would be extreme usage such as competition vehicles or blatant abuse.

Q: Where would I have seen Diversified Creations’ work in print or on television?

A: We have built a number of vehicles for print magazines, and have recently begun building vehicles featured on television and the Youtube show Roadkill.

We engine-swapped Roadkill’s General Mayhem Charger with help from a donated Dodge Charger Hellcat in 2015.

We built the Royal Purple Buick Grand National that was featured on SpikeTV’s PowerNation and Royal Purple’s TV advertisements in 2015.

We built two fully customized Chevy pickups for Craftsman Tools that were featured at the 2011 SEMA Show and in Diesel Power Magazine.

We built the “E-Rod 79 Camaro” for Hot Rod Magazine in 2010. Its buildup was featured in 6 issues of Hot Rod in 2011, and was on the cover of the March Issue.

We built the “Diesel Power Jeep Grand Cherokee” that was featured in Diesel Power Magazine in throughout 2008.

We had a S10 Blazer Solid Axle Swap featured in Four Wheeler magazine in January 2009

We were featured in Hot Rod Magazine’s “Hot Rod to the Rescue” in October 2012 showing various fixes for a custom Boss 302 Mustang

We have assisted in building various vehicles for Lingenfelter, including their “L/28 Optima Challenge Camaro” and the Supercharged LS3 Olds Vista Cruiser Wagon

Our business was featured on Bangshift.com on April 20th, 2010, including a gallery of our previous location.