Installation & Tuning

We can take a look under the hood


The best parts in the world won’t do you any good if they’re sitting in your trunk. There are hundreds of reasons you may need us to install parts for you. Maybe you’re incredibly busy and don’t have the time. Or it requires specialty tools that you can’t justify buying, and we just so happen to have. Maybe you just don’t feel like getting on your back on a concrete floor.

Whatever your reason, you can rest assured that we are specialists in suspension, brakes and performance on classic and modern vehicles. All of our technicians are ASE Certified and State of Michigan Certified Automotive Technicians.

We are a State of Michigan registered repair facility, even though we don’t do “normal” repair work. We’re fully insured so you can sleep soundly while your car slumbers safely in our shop. And everyone that works at Diversified is an enthusiast: we love cars, and we love what we do. We will make sure to take care of your baby like it’s our own.


So you just got your new car or truck, and it’s your baby. But every time you get in your carpets get a little dirtier. Or you can’t keep things in your pickup bed without having to worry about them getting rained on or picked up by a passer-by. It’s a sad fact that the factory can’t fulfill every need of a vehicle owner. That’s where we come in.

Diversified has all the accessories to take your car or truck from butt-hauler to butt-kicker. Rainguards let you pull in fresh air without letting the rain in. Tonneau covers keep your truck bed dry and secure. Need a little rumble in your life? A cat-back exhaust or cold air intake can make your engine breathe a mighty roar, all while increasing your gas mileage. At Diversified, we have all these and more available for vehicles of nearly any make, model or year. If a task seems too tough to tackle, let our ASE Certified Technicians handle it in our attached 13,000 sq ft shop facility.

Off-Road & Jeep

We take care for your vehicle


Roads. They’re great. But why should we limit ourselves to tiny strips of asphalt? There’s a whole world out there to discover and conquer. From the sandy hills of the Silver Lake Dunes to the boggiest mud pits and everywhere in between, we can help you get there. And back, because that’s usually the hard part. Need a winch in a pinch? Head to Diversified. Your Wrangler looks more Postal Jeep than Off Road Demon? Take it to Diversified.

Our customers have been directing the uninformed masses to our door for years, and the secret is out. We have the mud in our veins, the grit in our teeth, and the experience to help you get the right parts to make your rig just what you want: bigger, meaner, faster. We’re the area’s largest distributor of BDS Suspension lifts, a Michigan company. They are one of over 10 lift manufacturers that we sell and install on a daily basis. Maybe you like the look but don’t want to go to extremes. A simple and inexpensive leveling kit can give you clearance for a new, bigger wheel and tire combination. Anything you aren’t comfortable putting on, or simply don’t feel like installing? Again, Diversified is the answer. Our ASE Certified Technicians are ready to make your vision a reality.

Performance Upgrades

We can fine-tune your car


Your vehicle turns heads. Every time you drive down the street people notice it, because it’s unique. But unique vehicles need unique parts, and your local discount parts supplier won’t be up to the task. We’re like you. Unique. It’s not enough to get from point A to point B if it means driving an appliance of a car. So we have the MSD distributor cap for your 67 Mustang. We have the Fox Shocks for your lifted Jeep Wrangler. And if we don’t, we can sure get it.

With over 900 manufacturers at our fingertips, knowledgeable sales staff, and next day deliveries 5 days a week, Diversified Creations is the place to go when you need to go from “one of the pack” to “king of the hill.” Help it breathe a little better with a high flow air cleaner from K&N or a mandrel bent exhaust from Flowmaster or Magnaflow. Or force feed it power with superchargers and turbochargers from the experts at Magnuson, Edelbrock, Procharger, Turbonetics, and more. Low profile tires and drag slicks can help you put that power to the pavement.

Handling, Horsepower, and Custom wheels and tires for Classic Cruisers and Modern Muscle are the norm at Diversified. We carry the latest parts from the biggest manufacturers, and we offer full installation services for everything we sell.