So you just got your new car or truck, and it’s your baby. But every time you get in your carpets get a little dirtier. Or you can’t keep things in your pickup bed without having to worry about them getting rained on or picked up by a passer-by. It’s a sad fact that the factory can’t fulfill every need of a vehicle owner. That’s where we come in.

Diversified has all the accessories to take your car or truck from butt-hauler to butt-kicker. Rainguards let you pull in fresh air without letting the rain in. Tonneau covers keep your truck bed dry and secure. Need a little rumble in your life? A cat-back exhaust or cold air intake can make your engine breathe a mighty roar, all while increasing your gas mileage. At Diversified, we have all these and more available for vehicles of nearly any make, model or year. If a task seems too tough to tackle, let our ASE Certified Technicians handle it in our attached 13,000 sq ft shop facility.