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Roads. They’re great. But why should we limit ourselves to tiny strips of asphalt? There’s a whole world out there to discover and conquer. From the sandy hills of the Silver Lake Dunes to the boggiest mud pits and everywhere in between, we can help you get there. And back, because that’s usually the hard part. Need a winch in a pinch? Head to Diversified. Your Wrangler looks more Postal Jeep than Off Road Demon? Take it to Diversified.

Our customers have been directing the uninformed masses to our door for years, and the secret is out. We have the mud in our veins, the grit in our teeth, and the experience to help you get the right parts to make your rig just what you want: bigger, meaner, faster. We’re the area’s largest distributor of BDS Suspension lifts, a Michigan company. They are one of over 10 lift manufacturers that we sell and install on a daily basis. Maybe you like the look but don’t want to go to extremes. A simple and inexpensive leveling kit can give you clearance for a new, bigger wheel and tire combination. Anything you aren’t comfortable putting on, or simply don’t feel like installing? Again, Diversified is the answer. Our ASE Certified Technicians are ready to make your vision a reality.