Performance Upgrades

We can fine-tune your car


Your vehicle turns heads. Every time you drive down the street people notice it, because it’s unique. But unique vehicles need unique parts, and your local discount parts supplier won’t be up to the task. We’re like you. Unique. It’s not enough to get from point A to point B if it means driving an appliance of a car. So we have the MSD distributor cap for your 67 Mustang. We have the Fox Shocks for your lifted Jeep Wrangler. And if we don’t, we can sure get it.

With over 900 manufacturers at our fingertips, knowledgeable sales staff, and next day deliveries 5 days a week, Diversified Creations is the place to go when you need to go from “one of the pack” to “king of the hill.” Help it breathe a little better with a high flow air cleaner from K&N or a mandrel bent exhaust from Flowmaster or Magnaflow. Or force feed it power¬†with superchargers and turbochargers from the experts at Magnuson, Edelbrock, Procharger, Turbonetics, and more. Low profile tires and drag slicks can help you put that power to the pavement.

Handling, Horsepower, and Custom wheels and tires for Classic Cruisers and Modern Muscle are the norm at Diversified. We carry the latest parts from the biggest manufacturers, and we offer full installation services for everything we sell.